My talks

A collection of my podcasts and talks at various conferences

In Ruby Rogues episode #407 we discussed functional programming in Ruby. I talked about the tools I use every day, and the ideas behind them. We also discussed the application of functional programming in an object-oriented language and the reasons to use different paradigms in Ruby.

My Ruby Story is a podcast that discovers stories of Ruby developers from around the world. This show is a great source of inspiration for new developers, as it shows the incredible variety of reasons people got into professional software engineering.

I was featured in My Ruby Story episode #088, where I explained how I got into programming in general, and how I’ve become a Ruby developer.

On August 24th, 2018 I gave a talk at the EuRuKo 2018 conference in Vienna.

I named my talk ”Ducks and Monads: Wonders of Ruby Types” because I wanted to speak about Ruby’s type system and how we can use types to build type-safe applications.

Spoiler alert: there was nothing about the ducks. Sorry!

However, I’ve managed to cover those topics:

  • What is a data type?
  • Why do we need to care about types in a dynamically typed languages?
  • Two harmful methods from ActiveSupport
  • How to use the best parts of static typing in Ruby
  • How to make errors a first-class concern in your application
  • Working with the Result monad in Ruby