My talks

A collection of my podcasts and talks at various conferences

On the last Thursday of October, 2020 I gave a talk at Saint P Ruby Community, the same community which organizes Saint P RubyConf.

My talk’s name was «Модель С4. Зачем нам моделировать архитектуру». I roughly translate it as “C4 model. Why do we need to model architecture”.

In this talk I introduced the audience to the four definitions of software architecture and illustrated how those definitions apply to every day work.

Afterwards, I’ve assessed our “usual” approaches to software architecture:

  • When do we need it
  • What kind of tasks do we perform while working on the architecture
  • What problems do we usually face

I’ve proposed a solution to some of the problems — to develop a mental model which will help with discovery, planning, visualization and presentation of the architecture. I suggested C4 model as a starting point.

Afterwards, I’ve illustrated how the model easily gives us a natural way to think about architecture. The same technique enables us to illustrate architecture with no technology except for pen and paper.

Slide deck is available on my website.

My Ruby Story is a podcast that discovers stories of Ruby developers from around the world. This show is a great source of inspiration for new developers, as it shows the incredible variety of reasons people got into professional software engineering.

I was featured in My Ruby Story episode #088, where I explained how I got into programming in general, and how I’ve become a Ruby developer.


  • Wanted to become a programmer since I was around 9 because “programmers make games”
  • Started with scripts and game modes San Andreas Multiplayer
  • Advanced into web development with PHP, jQuery
  • Learned different languages in parallel, including in university
  • Fell in love with Python
  • Tried to get a job as Python developer, they offered Ruby. I accepted

In Ruby Rogues episode #407 we discussed functional programming in Ruby. I talked about the tools I use every day, and the ideas behind them. We also discussed the application of functional programming in an object-oriented language and the reasons to use different paradigms in Ruby.

On August 24th, 2018 I gave a talk at the EuRuKo 2018 conference in Vienna.

I named my talk ”Ducks and Monads: Wonders of Ruby Types” because I wanted to speak about Ruby’s type system and how we can use types to build type-safe applications.

Spoiler alert: there was nothing about the ducks. Sorry!

However, I’ve managed to cover those topics:

  • What is a data type?
  • Why do we need to care about types in a dynamically typed languages?
  • Two harmful methods from ActiveSupport
  • How to use the best parts of static typing in Ruby
  • How to make errors a first-class concern in your application
  • Working with the Result monad in Ruby

Slide deck is available on this website.