Saint P Ruby Meetup 2020 Fall [RU]

On the last Thursday of October, 2020 I gave a talk at Saint P Ruby Community, the same community which organizes Saint P RubyConf.

My talk’s name was «Модель С4. Зачем нам моделировать архитектуру». I roughly translate it as “C4 model. Why do we need to model architecture”.

In this talk I introduced the audience to the four definitions of software architecture and illustrated how those definitions apply to every day work.

Afterwards, I’ve assessed our “usual” approaches to software architecture:

  • When do we need it
  • What kind of tasks do we perform while working on the architecture
  • What problems do we usually face

I’ve proposed a solution to some of the problems — to develop a mental model which will help with discovery, planning, visualization and presentation of the architecture. I suggested C4 model as a starting point.

Afterwards, I’ve illustrated how the model easily gives us a natural way to think about architecture. The same technique enables us to illustrate architecture with no technology except for pen and paper.

Slide deck is available on my website.